Social Entrepreneurs utilize their Strong and Weak Ties in Pursuit of their CSR in Rural Areas

1. I need you to use my research OUTLINE to do the paper.
2. In 5 pages write the introduction and use the outline as guidelines and make sure that the introduction should include (define the problem, define the key concepts, …. the rest in the outline, the last paragraph in the introduction you should interduce what you are going to do in the paper.
2. write the literature review for the strong tie in 2 pages, weak tie in 2 pages, structural hole in 2 pages, CSR in 2 pages.
3. last part in the literature review write the hypotheses development part BY USING THEORY TO SUPPORT EACH Hypothesis ( 1 page for 1 hypothesis, 1 pages in 2 hypothesis, 1 pages in the third hypothesis.
4. write the methodology part: ( 2 pages)take about the sample size and location (use the outline) MAKE SURE to Explain how you ging to measure Strong and weak ties, how you going to measure Structural holes, how you going to measure CSR.

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