Scenario Planning on one (1) page only, provide clearly printed information on following three categories Scenario Planning on one (1) page only, provide clearly printed information on following three categories

A one (1) page only, providing a clearly printed information in these three bellow categories:
(a) Paragraph 1: Identify and name a client organization that has a meaningful, corporate, business unit or market strategy question that requires foresight into future conditions. Formulate that question in one sentence. Make sure the question is focused on the medium to long term and has potential for major impact on the organization. Please do not ask binary “yes/no” questions, but make your question open-ended.
Good example 1: How should company XYZ position in the coming era of autonomous vehicles?
Bad example 2: Should company XYZ invest in operating systems for autonomous vehicles?
Question 2 can be treated as part of the exploration when answering Question 1, but in itself is too narrow to yield a good exploration.
(b) Paragraph 2-4: Identify other actors in the target firm’s industry with the help of Michael Porter’s Five Forces framework, if you like, or a comparable tool (See 5-Forces in required reading section). State how well your proposed company is positioned vis-à-vis actors and trends in its ecosystem.
(c) Paragraph 5+6: State a few macro-level global or regional trends, forces or uncertainties and how they might impact it. These trends, forces and uncertainties could fall into any of the following categories: social, technological, environmental, economic, political, legal and ethical (STEEPLE / PESTEL). State what worries you in this picture.
For all parts (a) through (c) it is not important that you be completely thorough and correct, as that kind of in-depth research would take too much time. It is however important that you enable yourself to keep your client profile in mind, should your company get chosen as a client for the course. You may later use this information to assess implications of the scenarios and strategic options portfolios for the organization.

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