Quantitative techniques in Business Assignment

Use Relevant graphs to represent each of the following and examine them in great detail

Data collection is important, but the discussion of the data is of higher importance.  Detailed explanation & discussion.

The right techniques to use and how to use it.

Executive Summary

Discuss your interpretation of the assignment what the objectives are.


What is QTB and what is the relevance of the assignment to the module.

Explain & Analysis

Explain one variable to another.

What is the graph showing you, what is the implementation

Wherever possible try to relate with real cases. Provide references like for e.g

Justification of the analysis

Looking at other information, making sure resources are reliable. Making sure that it supports the analysis. i.e from Journals. Books, articles etc

Plagiarism is of high importance.


Discussion is relating to each set of data

Goodness of fit

Produce a single report of the 3 tasks


Brief review of the findings


Advise suitable recommendation


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