Organization’s Marketing Strategy Assignment

Choose an organization and describe the organization’s marketing strategy

Provide the organization’s mission statement and whether or not you believe the organization is meeting their mission

State the vision statement of the organization and explain whether or not you believe their vision statement helps explain the organization’s marketing strategies and their mission

Examine the company’s customer base and provide a short summary that includes:

The target audience
The current customer base

Explain if you believe the company is trying to expand to a different market or if they are not, explain why you think the organization may not feel the need to expand to a different market

Discuss the advertisement strategies of the organization from a marketing standpoint. Provide examples of two or more advertisements you have seen on T.V. or heard on the radio.

For each advertisement that you provide:

List the type of marketing strategy used

Determine if the marketing strategy is most effective given the mission and vision of the organization

Provide a different marketing strategy that you think would also work for the organization the is different from the one currently being used

-You must use at least two peer-reviewed journal articles in your paper as sources.

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