Operations Management

you need to follow all the instruction, for this assignment the Company I have chosen is Burger kings so your assignment well be in Burger king Company you need to follow the instructions and do all the requirements from the assignment guides there are two separate papers or files guides which explain the requirement of how to do the assignment. plus all materials lectures and tools which enable you to understand what is this module about, please read them all because without reading them you want understand what is required there are certain technical criteria that you should follow also you need to get information about Burger king operations and analyse it according to the tools and information in the lectures.
I will upload my friend similar assignment which is about McDonald Company for you to follow and to understand I will also upload book about operations which related to this module for you to look at, with all the lectures and examples of case studies you should do perfect job if you follow everything correctly, it is very important that you understand that in this module almost we assess the performance of company Process performance
• Process performance – judged against:
? Quality
? Speed
? Dependability
? Flexibility
? Cost
? Processes – designed to meet these.
if you don’t do it as required i will cancel this order please do it carefully you have 2 weeks
to do it so please spend good time on it don’t rush to submit

Module Assessment

One of the key aspects of any business (the business being considered in a broad sense) is to provide services and/or products in line with customer demands. Operations Management deals with the design and management of delivery of these products and services including processes and supply chains. The study of Operations Management involves every level i.e. strategic, tactical and operational.


Pick an (Organisation of your choice)i have picked Burger King . You are an Operations Management Consultant. You are required to undertake an individual research project and to prepare a Management Report (6000 words+-10%) for the Board of Directors of the company. (You need to seek prior approval for the chosen organisation from the module leader before starting your research, i have already been a proved Burger King )

The key aspects that need to be covered within the report are:

i) Critically evaluate the existing operations functions within the organisation and the role of the operations manager within the organisation. (Note: I would expect you to evaluate current practices and evaluate them in the light of standard practices within the industry that the organisation is in and how well/badly does this organisation align with the industry standards)
ii) Draw a Process Chart for the organisation showing how customers are processed through operations within the organisation. Critically discuss how the Process Management should be planned in the organization to achieve operational excellence. Support your answer by illustrating:-
• Customer service strategies
• Managing capacity and demand
• Inventory management
• Scheduling operations
• Process analysis and improvement
• Purchasing and supplier management
iii) Identify if the organisation is implementing any Lean processes. If it is then critically evaluate if what benefits it is bringing to the organisation and IF NOT then critically evaluate how implementation of lean management could benefit the organisation. (Extra credit would be provided for use of examples).

i) Managing Capacity is the most tricky part of operations management as it is characterised by uncertainity. Using the organisation as an example you need to critically evaluate whether: “Organisations should always attempt to match its capacity to its forecast and known demand patterns or there might be situations where this might not be needed”.

i) Collate all your finidings about the organisation and draw concrete conclusions and draw some recommendations for the organisation, which can be from the practitioner i.e. other organisations/industry or academic research.

You need to follow a REPORT FORMAT.

Report Structure and Layout:

• Cover Page: Your Name and Student Number and the word count.
• Executive Summary
• Introduction (setting the scene and purpose of the report) [500 words]
• Operations Management in the Organisation highlighting the key issues as well (Part A – i) [1000 words]
• Process Management in the Organisation including the Process Chart (Part A – ii) [1500 words]
• Lean Management in the Organisation (Part A – iii) [1000 words]
• Capacity Management within the organisation. (Part B) [1000 words]
• Conclusions and Recommendations. (Part C) [1000 words]

Further tips:

• You do not need to rigidly follow the structure mentioned above. Creativity will be appreciated. Structure within the sections identified can contain further subheadings (such as Techniques, Methods, Models, Tools, Strategies etc.)
• You might want to bring in examples from other industries.
• The report MUST have a proper reference list in the end of the report.
• Try to think outside the box.

Marking and assessment criteria

• Evidence of the level of critical analysis of the issues faced by the organisation being evaluated.
• Understanding, critical evaluation and application of appropriate techniques, methods, models and tools to the issues discussed
• Appropriateness and justification of the conclusions drawn and recommendations made to address the issues identified
• Clarity and coherence of report (with regard to structure of analysis, diagnosis, correctness of spelling and grammar, appropriateness of language, accuracy of referencing including use of English and Harvard Referencing

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