Mid Summer nights dream

PART ONE: The Written Component
1. Write a two-page, double-spaced statement that clearly addresses the following questions and statements:
a. The first two paragraphs must clearly state the overall thematic and stylistic approach the student will take to the production.
b. The major body of the statement should persuasively describe WHY this approach to the play is being developed.
i. Cite specific actions, characters, inciting incidents, moments where the approach drives the storytelling and engages at a deeper level.
ii. How will space, place, time, character identity, experience be explored through the use of scenic, costume, lighting, sound, technology or projection.
c. The closing paragraph will address the student’s intentions on HOW the approach will engage and/or impact an audience for their production idea. What is the audience response to the approach?
2. Upload document in Word or as a PDF to the Assignment Link on Canvas.
PART TWO: The Visual Component
1. Create a PowerPoint of visual images that clearly address the following outline AND stay specific to the quality of presentation expected in the rubric.
a. Create a PowerPoint collection of 20 images that visually support the production approach outlined in The Written Component in Part One of this project.
i. Images must support how this world will look in terms of place, character’s appearance, lighting, props, overall environmental and students may choose to embed brief video and/or sound links into their document.
b. Presentation is important so keep in mind the following:
i. Select a background that reflects the mood and spirit of the concept/approach. This means the color and/or texture etc.
ii. Select a Font and Font Size that also reflects the mood and spirit of the concept/approach.
iii. Organizetheimagesinthemostimpactfuland/orlogicalway throughout the presentation.
c. Visual images are most persuasive and of higher quality when the utilize the following standards:
i. Images should be at least 4” x 4” and no more than four to a slide.
ii. If dragging images, drag from corners so they don’t torque or skew .
iii. Images should be medium to high resolution. Clarity is key.
d. Bibliographyand/orcitationsforimagesisNOTrequired.
2. Upload the document preferably as a PDF under the same Assignment Link as ‘Part One’ on Canvas.

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