Marketing Assignment

Your task is to find references related to the topic, e.g: journal articles, text books, reliable websites… in order to investigate a topic, to explore relevant references as they emerge. Within the spread-sheet you must record key themes, key words,and establish a hierarchy of importance. Each row within the spread-sheet must be limited to one key theme, therefore, it would be usual for each article to span more than one theme and have multiple rows. Each row should have the article authors’ names to enable sorting of the themes.

  1. Write the research proposal

When your literature review is completed you will undertake a two-page research proposal.

Within the proposal you will:

  1. State the research problem [the purpose of the work]
  • you should consider this Question with 1] the scenario in mind, 2] the fact that this is an assessment in a business context, and 3] that this assessment is the preparation part of the next assessment.
  • Stating the problem is really creating a business context that you can organise you work around and setting parameters so that the topic can be addressed in the page count. This means>what is it that you are addressing, what is the reason you as a marketing practitioner are spending this time and effort, what is the knowledge gap that you are closing. Let’s say that you elect to do the ‘franchising’ topic – then it is possible that as your organization is involved as a supplier to the franchise industry and that your article [assessment 3] “will contribute to an overall understanding of …. within your organization. It is likely that this may lead to better satisfying products and …
  1. Outline the key themes within the literature
  2. Express the future significance/contribution of your research
  3. Detail the theory which will be the foundations of your future article

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