Leading Catholic Schools Assignment

* Please note this is a CATHOLIC EDUCATION assignment.
Develop and detail strategies that leaders in Catholic education could use in ensuring that schools are authentically Catholic.
*The strategies from Coherence: The Right Drivers in Action for Schools, Fullan, M. & Quinn, J. (2016) are to provide the framework.

The Assignment should focus on the following:
1. What does t mean to be an Authentic Catholic School? 10%
2.Elaborate on the premise that we are asked as to focus on on what it means to be an authentic leader of authentic learning. However we cannot ignore that our call to lead in Catholic Schools is more than authentic leadership, more than transformational leadership, even more than the model of servant leadership proposed by Greenleaf (2002). 15%
3.Elaborate on the stated Catholic identity and mission; to “develop an authentic approach to pedagogy… that is hope-filled” (White, 2008, p. 60), and leadership in Catholic schools 15%
4. Unpack and make links with the four leadership strategies from Fullan COHERENCE
#1 Focusing Direction
#2 Cultivating Collaborative Cultures
#3 Deepening Learning
#4 Securing Sustainability
with reference to Catholicity and leading Catholic schools – critically analyse the strategies. 60% Use Coherence: The Right Drivers in Action for Schools, Fullan, M. & Quinn, J. (2016) plus other relevant references.

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