Human Rights, POLS 2401 –Global Issues Assignment

The criteria for the current event topic is as follows:Length–No more than 2 pages. My recommendation would be at least 1 page.However,you knowy our writing style best.If you areaverysuccinct writeryou maybeable to getyour point across in just a couple of paragraphs, however,I wouldn’t recommend this for everyone.Subject–Pick acurrentevent (oran event within the last 1-2years) that ties to aconcept we’ve learned in class. Explain the concept we’ve discussed in class and explain how it relates to the current event. How is it similar ordifferentthan other events, whatdoes itsayabout thecurrent interaction ofstates regarding global issues, possible solutions to remedy the situation?Citation–You’ll need to cite at least one reputable news source(NPR, CNN, BBC, etc.).We’ll use APSA (American Political Science Association)citation style in this course.Writing –You must approach this as an analysis. Opinion, editorializing, and 1st or 2nd person plural or singular is not acceptable. You must watch grammar, spelling, and punctuation. If I cannot read it then I cannot grade it. You must use this paper to connect the readings to a current event in the real world.

1.Corporate Social Responsibility – The Jungle Clip
Link Topic
2.Apple and Human Rights
Link Topic
3.Magna Carta Copies United for Anniversary
Link Topic
4.U.S. Imposed Sanctions List
Link Topic

Pick a current event (or an event within the last 1-2 years) that ties to a concept we’ve learned in class. Explain the concept we’ve discussed in class and explain how it relates to the current event. How is it similar or different than other events, what does it say about the current interaction of states regarding global issues, possible solutions to remedy the situation?

What concept are you explaining and how does it relate to the current event? You need to include this discussion in the beginning of the paper. cite.please focus on the readings and making connections from the readings to the world at large.
Globalization and Human Rights 27
3.1.1: Nongovernmental Organizations
and Human Rights 27
3.1.2: Global Companies and Human Rights 28
3.2: Development of Human Rights 28
3.2.1: Social Contract Theories and Human Rights 28
3.2.2: Utilitarianism, Libertarianism, and Marxism 29
3.2.3: Legal Positivism and Human Rights 29
3.2.4: Globalization of Human Rights: The Universal
Declaration of Human Rights 29
3.3: Philosophical Controversies Over Human Rights 30
3.3.1: Universalism Versus Cultural Relativism 30
3.3.2: Individuals and Communities 30
3.3.3: Relationship Between Rights and Obligations 31
3.3.4: Prioritizing Human Rights 31
3.3.5: Absolutism Versus Consequentialism 31
3.4: Human Rights Regimes 31
3.5: Enforcing Human Rights Globally 32
3.5.1: Sanctions 32
3.5.2: Humanitarian Intervention: Responsibility
to Protect 33
3.5.3: Responding to Genocide 33
3.5.4: The International Criminal Court 34
3.6: Women and Human Rights 35
3.6.1: Sexual Violence: Rape as a Weapon of War 36
3.7: People with Disabilities and Human Rights 37
3.8: Islam and Human Rights 37
3.9: Fighting Terrorism and Protecting Human Rights 38
3.10: The Death Penalty and Human Rights

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