Health Promotion to decrease RTA in Saudi Arabia from Nursing perspective Assignment

This module will consider the nature of health, and will focus on the political, social and psychological theories and issues that underpin the concepts of promoting health and well-being. The module will introduce key concepts and issues to develop the student’s awareness, knowledge and skills to promote health and well being at individual and community levels. The role of the nurse in the promotion of health and well being for the individual and the population (young adult to older person) will be explored, emphasizing the importance of all nurses as health promoting practitioners. The focus of the module is upon contemporary theory and the main approaches to health promotion which underpin change including; the medical approach,behavior change approach, educational approach, client-centered approach and the societal-change approach. The module will empower students to develop the necessary communication skills in order to become a leader and motivator of change.

The students will be given the opportunity to use their own experiential understanding within their own local context which will include the choice of culturally diverse assignment topics, texts and exemplars which will not only help the international students demonstrate their understanding of concepts and limitations within their own nursing environment but also offer the opportunity for students to compare and contrast approaches to broaden their horizons within the classroom based discussion forums. On completion of this module the knowledge and skills acquired are transferable to a number of areas enabling the development of skills, which will promote self-care of patients and clients in all healthcare settings.

The module will include 2 formative assessments which will involve a facilitated ethical debate and a presentation of a health promotion strategy. The summative assessment will be a 4,500 word essay which will incorporate learning outcomes 1-6.

6b. Outline Content

* Health promotion and education

* Supporting people to take responsibility for their own health

* Professional values and behavior, accountability, informed consent, confidentiality, respect and dignity

* Communication – building networks and relationships to engage and mobilize for improvement

* Leadership styles that role models, behaviors, skills and attributes to deliver compassionate excellence in health care

* Demography and epidemiology

* Heath belief theories

* Inequalities in health

* Health and social care policy

* Ethical decision making

* Medicines management

* Patient/client education (teaching a skill)

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