Good Will Assignment

Task 1. Please analyze the product and describe the serviceability requirements including comfort, aesthetics, durability, cost, and appearance retention.  Comment on care and environmental concerns. Then, state the fiber properties of each of the fibers used in this product and connect them with the serviceability requirement of the garment (i.e. why were these types of fibers chosen for this specific garment).


Task 2. State the fiber content and the weight of your product (in grams) and calculate the Material Sustainability Index (MSI) score of the product (MSI scores are available through the “Nike Making” App). Show your calculations. Explain the sustainability implications of these fibers and what the resulting MSI score means.


Task 3. This product cannot be sold in Goodwill thrift shops. Please propose end of use (EOU) solutions for the textile fibers. Based on the fiber content of the product, you need to explain your EOL solutions and describe the obstacles that may make your EOL solutions difficult and how these obstacles can be overcome.


Task 4. Without compromising the serviceability of the product, please make recommendations to apparel brands or textile manufacturers on choosing textile fiber content of the product that will be easier for your EOU solutions. There may not be a perfect solution, so mention barriers to this alternative fiber content if there are any and how these barriers can be overcome.

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