Evaluating Training and Measuring Return on Investment for Training Assignment

“Evaluating Training and Measuring Return on Investment for Training” Please respond to the following:
1. Describe the types of ethical issues that could arise during training evaluation processes and identify actions that can be taken to address and overcome these ethical issues.

2. Visit the ROI Institute Website, located at https://www.roiinstitute.net. Next, discuss briefly what is meant by “Level 5” training evaluation. Identify the process proposed by Jack Phillips for determining return on investment (ROI). Identify the various type of costs to be considered when measuring ROI for training activities
Employee Orientation and Technical Training Challenges

1. Thinking back through orientation programs you have attended, identify one (1) of the problems you have experienced such as too much information too soon, not knowing your way around the organization, or other possibilities. Suggest a solution for avoiding this type of problem in future orientation programs.

2. Discuss three (3) challenges faced by employers today to ensure their employee populations have the required skills and competencies.

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