Developing Language and Literacy in the Primary School through School Improvement Assignment

This is an undergraduate paper, for a BA in Primary Education. Please write accordingly.
Can I have an England based writer please who is knowledgeable and had experience in Primary Education and WHO IS ONE OF THE TOP 10 WRITERS. If this is not possible please inform me.
The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate that, in becoming a literacy specialist, you should recognise and have the skills set to develop 3 areas related to literacy in school.

Prior to this assignment, I had to create a poster focusing on one area of development. The area I focussed on was reading comprehension. This assignment requires 3 areas of development to be focused on. The other 2 areas which I would like you to use are grammar and writing.
You may use information from the poster, however make sure you rephrase it. For each area, mention a reason for choosing this area, i.e: was an area which the school had targeted, an area in which the school suceeded or an area in which you noted a need for improvement.
I am uploading the assignment brief- please follow it, the marking criteria-please work towards it, I will also upload my poster, so can learn the style of writing.
No graphs or charts need to be included.
Can you please reference educational journals and research papers, upto date and recent articles and published books. Also refer to the Primary National curriculum and other government documentation.
For the refernce to placements, I was in a year two class room. You can make up scenarios to be reflected upon, as I did with the poster.
Write reflectively and in third person. If there is anything you are unsure of, ask straight away.
Please use my writing style and let me know if there is any extra information i can provide.
Even though the assignment brief says 3000 words, I’ve asked for you to do less as I will write the conclusion myself and I will make a few tweaks my self.
Do not write the conclusion, as I will write that my self.
Write the introduction, first area of development, second area of development, third area of development. Once again follow the assignment brief and marking criteria.

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