Case Note and Interview Assignment

1 Understand and assess the complex individual, family, societal and systemic factors that contribute to the issues experiences by social work clients
2 Competently perform preliminary social work professional skills activities and tasks, including but not limited to:
1 Case Note

Task overview

1 Undertake a 15 minute role play with a peer (student, who will play the role of ‘client’) using the scenario provided.
2 Use beginning skills in social work to explore the client issue or problem and work towards a tentative assessment.
3 Seek feedback from the ‘client’ about the assessed issue
4 Reflect on the role play and make notes about the presenting issue, the reason for social work contact, the context of the problem and underlying issues as well as social and environmental issues relating to the problem.
5 Using the template provided, write a social work case note.
6 Revise your case note.
7 Submit your case note.

5B: Analysing 2 x 2 Interview & Observation
Specific Skill (1000 words) plus references
We were 3 people in one group instead of 4

? Interviewing
? Observation

Learning outcome
3. Competently perform preliminary social work professional skills activities and tasks, including but not limited to:

? Interviews
? Case notes
This activity is designed to have you reflect on and improve your performance as a developing professional within social work. During your interviews you both observed and were observed by your partner, you both received and provided feedback. Giving and receiving feedback provides a solid foundation for improvement only if you then go on to analyse and use the feedback to plan for future action. With this in mind the following assessment item is designed to have you critically reflect on your performance, seek evidence based solutions to areas that require improvement and propose a future plan for your development.
Task Overview

1 Review the feedback provided by your observation partner about your performance in the social worker role, and think about your memory of your performance.
2 Determine which aspects of interviewing you were successful in and which you were not.
3 For those areas where you were not successful undertake research into practices which would enable your success in the future.
4 Write an Analysis of this experience.
5 Your analysis should include the following sections:
1 A critique of the particulars of the case in which you were the social worker.
2 An Outline the practices and skills that you used during your interview and an overview of the feedback provided by your observation partner about your performance.
3 You may like to divide this between those skills and practices with which you excelled and those which were less successful.
? Explain why you were able to execute these – for example was your ability in this area a result of your innate personality or did you prepare and have a strategy using a specific tool or method?
? Explain why you think that these particular aspects were less successful
4 An Evidence-based plan for the future
5 Using research to support your plan provide a solid evidence-based practice plan for future interviews.
6 You should include here an outline of specific skills and techniques (supported by evidence) that you will use in future interview situations.
7 Reference List

Criteria for success
Please see the Proforma posted in this module. This outlines the communication and interpersonal skills that are required for you to develop your knowledge and skills for engaging in professional contexts. You will need to bring this with you to the intensive week. The program for the intensive week is designed to ensure that you will have time to practice these skills.

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