Care Planning individual discussion- Nursing assignment

This assessment is designed to measure your ability to identify and prioritise the most important nursing care issues for a client.
Two theoretical frameworks underpin your assignment: Miller’s Functional Consequences Theory to identify the influences impacting on the older person and their level of function and Levett-Jones’ Clinical Reasoning Cycle as the tool to drive the process of identifying and assessing, implementing and evaluating care. In addition students need to demonstrate how the dignity of the older person is maintained and how the cultural background of the older person is considered, throughout the process of assessment and care provision
Students are required to deconstruct a provided scenario and identify and describe three nursing care priorities with rationale. Then select the top priority (one) to be discussed in further detail .The 50% of the assignment body is to be dedicated to the in- depth discussion of the identified care priority.

The purpose of this assessment is to promote both problem solving and nursing care provision, related to a selected clinical scenario.

Please refer to marking rubric in HD or D.

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