AUSTRALIA 1800 Assignment

Marketing Portfolio: Individual Assessment 30% weighting
Due Date (Week 9): Monday May 8th at 9 am. Online submission via Turnitin.
Your task is to collect a total of 6 different examples relating to specific topics that illustrate and provide evidence of ‘marketing in action.’
You need to find 1 example from each of the following topics/concepts:
1. Market Research and its use in a marketing plan. This means sourcing an example that demonstrates the use of market/marketing research to determine marketing objectives, strategies or tactics.
2. Who are the competition for your favourite product? This means sourcing an example that demonstrates the impact competition (an external factor) has on your favourite product and thus influences marketing objectives and strategies.
3. PESTL and how this affects the introduction of a new product or service. This means sourcing an example of a new product or service first, and then explaining how each factor in PESTL affects entry into the market.
4. SWOT analysis and its use in the marketing plan. This means sourcing an example that demonstrates how SWOT is used by a company to guide decisions related to the marketing mix or other elements of the marketing plan.
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5. Segmentation, targeting and positioning in marketing (STP): Current trends in the industry of your choice. This means first choosing an industry that you are familiar with or interested in. Source an example that describes a current trend in that industry. Explain how STP could be used to take advantage of the trend.
6. New product/services launches or brand management: A success and failure. This means sourcing 1 example of a new product/service success and 1 example of a new product/service failure; OR 1 example of successful management of a brand and 1 example of failed management of a brand. Whichever option chosen, you need to consider how internal and external factors may have impacted the success or failure.
Your examples must be current (from 2016, 2017) and should come from sources such as newspapers, magazines, websites, social media (e.g. consumer blogs), personal experience, etc. If you are not sure if the source of the evidence/ example is appropriate, please ask your tutor.
You must write a 300 word critique for each topic. Each critique should include:
? The topic (from above) should be stated and the relevant headings and pages numbers from the textbook associated with the topic.
? An explanation IN YOUR OWN WORDS of the theory/topic that demonstrates sound and thorough understanding of the theory/topic.
? A brief description of the example, including sources using APA referencing. You may use multiple sources for the example, such as personal experience and an article in a business publication.
? Link between theory and practice. Your task is to evaluate and analyse how the example bridges theory and practice, and how well it relates to the chosen topic (from the list above). Suggest future recommendations, your opinions, limitations, implications or consequences associated with the example – these will vary depending upon the example and topic. Write clearly and succinctly in your evaluation and analysis.

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