Wireless Straightener

• An Executive Summary to include a concept statement, a value statement and an illustration of the proposed offering and depict value from customer’s perspective.
• An industry and business sector analysis outlining the stage of the industry life cycle, the challenges currently facing the industry, the attractiveness of the industry (should include a PEST Analysis)
• Give an outline of the PROBLEM from the customer’s perspective;- provide relevant pain statement(s) from primary and secondary research.
• Market Analysis (to include both secondary and primary research outlining profile of target market, market potential and other market segments, where the idea fits in the market).
• Competitor Analysis
• SWOT Analysis and Risk Assessment
• Marketing Plan providing detail of strategies and tactics to be used
• Growth and Expansion Plan
• Details of the New Venture Team
• Financial Plan and Operations Plan
• Spell out the opportunity:- sum up the key factors creating the opportunity for the idea?
Continuous Assessment Part B

This year we plan to use the projects to help students develop their business ideas further. One of the most sought after competitions is Enterprise Ireland’s National Student Entrepreneur Awards competition (www.studententrepreneurawards.com). The competition has a prize fund of €35,000 in cash and a further €30,000 in consultancy and mentoring support).
As part of these guidelines we would like you to develop a 3 minute video of your project under the following headings. Please email a link to your video to Angela & Annamrie by Friday 10th March. We will mark them and suggest changes should you wish to enter the Enterprise Ireland Awards. We will support you in doing so.

EI are looking for great ideas with commercial and export potential.  The first step is to submit a video that shows how great your idea is.
Let us know…
1. What the product is
2. Who you think will buy it
3. How quickly you can commercialise it
4. Its export potential
5. Is there a competitor? if yes, why is your idea better?
Remember – less is more!
Keep it short and make it memorable. Maximum duration of video is 210 seconds.

Continuous Assessment Part C

At the end of this stage, students will be required to present their idea to a panel with a 5 minute ROCKET PITCH which will be timed followed by Q&A and feedback session.

1. You must follow the outline given with all the detail for each section included.
2. Marking Guidelines for the Project and the Plan will be posted on Moodle.
3. Surveys for Market Research must be approved and signed off by your lecturer before they are administered to the public.
4. Supporting Material for the development each section of the Project is on Moodle.
5. Rocket Pitch Presentations will take place on Week of 4th April 2017 (day and times to be advised).
6. Groups must submit a print out of their 5 slides and any supporting material just before the pitch.
7. All group members must be present to take questions and to be awarded the marks.

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