Western Civilization

Cite sources with endnotes.
• Reading primary sources requires understanding of the historical context (when and
where and under what circumstances was the document created)
• You must discuss this cultural context of the documents in your exam
• You must analyze, not summarize, what the documents mean; use the documents as
evidence to answer the question
What is the required structure?
• As an essay, the exam should start with an introductory paragraph, followed by body
paragraphs, and a conclusion
• In the introduction state the argument of the essay, which should offer an answer to the
• Your paper must have clearly organized body paragraphs that prove your main point:
– Start each paragraph with a topic sentence; each paragraph should make a point.
– Illustrate the point with evidence from the documents.
– Explain how the evidence proves the point
• Your paper must have concluding paragraph that sums up your main point (thesis).

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