To what extent does the concept of institutional racism explain over-policing and under-protection of ethnic minority communities?

Introduction- define institutional racism (you can use the MacPherson report to define institutional racism).
Stop and search statistics
Criminal justice statistics
Does this overrepresentation mean institutional racism in the criminal justice system?

You can discuss Brixton riots (describe what happened)
Scarman report (1981)
Critique- rejected by Lord Scarman institutional racism on his report, blamed the behaviour on few police officers.
Examples of over- policing

Discuss Stephen Lawrence (describe what happened)
MacPherson report (1999)
Initially Stephen Lawrence’s friend was used as a support (examples of over policing)
Police failed investigations (examples of under-protection)
Macpherson highlighted police institutionally racist main differences from Scarman report.

Discuss Zahid Mubarak (describe what happened)
Inquiry (also who did the inquiry)
Examples of under- reporting
Asian people are more likely to be victim of crime than any other race.

Discuss David Oluwale
Conclusion- bring all the arguments together.
Link it back institutional racism
Please use these books, journal articles and websites and reports provided below and others that you find online.
Bourne, J (2001) The Life and Times of Institutional Racism, Race and Class, Vol. 43 (2), p7- 22.
Bowling, B. and Phillips, C. (2007) ‘Disproportionate and Discriminatory: Reviewing the Evidence on Police Stop and Search, Modern Law Review, 70(6), p936-61.
Hall, S., C. Critcher, T. Jefferson, J. Clarke and B. Roberts (1978) Policing the Crisis. London: Macmillan.
IRR (1991) Deadly Silence: Black Deaths in Custody. London: Institute of Race Relations.
IRR (2012) Dying for Justice. London: Institute of Race Relations.
Kundnani, A. (2002) The Death of Multiculturalism, London: Institute of Race Relations, [available at]
Sharp, D. & Atherton, S. 2007. To serve and protect? The experiences of policing in the community of young people from black and other ethnic minority groups. British Journal of Criminology, 47, 746-763.
Rollock, N. (2009) The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry 10 Years On: An Analysis of the Literature. London: Runnymede Trust .
Webster, C. (2003) ‘Policing British Asian Communities’, in Hopkins-Burke, R. (2003) Hard Cop/Soft Cop: Dilemmas in Contemporary Policing, Cullompton: Willan
Young, L (2014) Improving outcomes for young black and/or Muslim men in the Criminal Justice System. London: Clinks.
Please read on criminal justice v. radical justice minority ethnic overrepresentation in the criminal justice system. It is edited by Kjartan Pall Sveinsson.

Macpherson report 1999
Scarman report 1981
Provide some signposts
Provide a ‘map’ in the introduction of what the essay tries to do its scope and aims?
Conclusion summarise the argument and tell the reader your main answer to the question
Reference using the Harvard referencing system
Please address institutional racism as a concept and demonstrate understanding.
You might think about how it operates in relation to;
Stop and Search/arrest
Use of Force/restraint
Deaths in Custody
Response to victims of crime
Policing of hate crime and racial violence

i am going to upload my lecture slides that you can use aswell and also i ma going to send you my universties marking crteria so you know how to get a 2:1 and also i am going to give you some more books that you can use

base the research on the uk only and refernce everything and make sure its criticaull.

also you are not writting in first person your writting in third person

dicuss theories aswell that cover this topic

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