Scripting Assignment

Your task is to develop one or more scripted web pages that are meant to be part of a website of a small (fictitious) company that provides customised training courses on data analytics to clients in the South of England. These web pages should set out what the company does, be appealing to their target market (i.e. local companies seeking analytics training for their own employees) and allow visitors to express their interest in hiring its services. Specifically, your solution should:
• Contain a visually appealing and user-friendly home page, or collection of navigable pages, that effectively showcases the company and presents its training services to the intended target audience, including among other things testimonials, social media links (links only), etc.;
• Provide a form section which:
o Allows potential clients to enter their details and requirements (i.e.
name, email, phone, company name, whether they are interested in on- site or online training course delivery, and a custom message);
o Validates the user’s input for possible omissions (important fields left blank) or errors (e.g. invalid email address) and get the user to correct any such problems before letting them submit the inquiry;
o Stores the inquiry in a given MySQL database table (see later) and then shows an appropriate confirmation page having done so.
Your web pages should provide a standard and intuitive interface with appropriate positioning of all elements and with an appropriate ‘look and feel’. Where necessary, you can make additional assumptions about the required functionality based on the database table design, common sense, and the typical functionality found on similar websites.
Importantly, to avoid any possible confusion, every page you include in your solution must clearly include the following disclaimer: “Note that this is a fictitious website that was developed by a university student as part of a programming assignment. None of the content on this page is meant to be genuine nor should it be taken as such”. Also, please do not make any attempt to submit your pages to a search index or to provide any external link to them.
To develop your solution, you will need to use HTML, PHP server-side scripting, and (potentially) JavaScript client-side scripting (depending on the chosen design).1 In addition, use of CSS for styling is strongly encouraged. Importantly, your server-side scripts must be designed to run under the existing Web server configuration

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