Marx says in The Communist Manifesto that the bourgeoisie have been revolutionary: explain what you think are the three most important ways, according to The Communist Manifesto, by which the Bourgeoisie altered social conditions, and altered patterns

Assessment Criteria
• _Evidence of careful reading/examination of the texts.
• _Understanding the primary material.
• _Ability to present a clear structured argument.
• _Ability to argue a critical position.
• _Evidence of awareness of the overarching themes of the unit.
• _Ability in written expression.
Marking Criteria/Standards
• Closeness and perception in reading/examination of the primary texts Pass standard will show evidence of reading/examination but will show limited understanding and will not integrate the reading/examination into an argument; there will be a tendency to summarise the texts rather than explain the ideas in the student’s own words. The best will show perceptive familiarity with the primary set texts and will be able to integrate textual evidence into an argument, for example, by the measured choice and use of quotations. Essays will fail if evidence of reading is not present; or if the reading is completely misunderstood, which would suggest absence from the relevant tutorials/lectures.
• Quality of the argument Pass standard will tend to restate the argument/plot of the text without elaboration. The best will be able to argue clearly and cohesively, with every detail of the essay clearly marshalled in a neat argument structure. Note that the ability to achieve this high result will heavily depend on the above criterion of reading. Essays will fail if there is no argument, or if the argument is basically illogical or incomprehensible.
• Argument for a critical position Pass standard does not show proper critical engagement with the topic, or will repeat some secondary source, or present some unargued personal opinion. The best will be able to sustain their critical conclusion based on the above two criteria.
• Awareness of themes Pass standard will show little understanding of the overarching themes of the unit, or will state the obvious. The best will be able to integrate ideas that have come up in lectures and tutorials throughout the course up until the essay submission date. Essays will fail if there is no awareness of the themes of the unit, or if the themes are substantially misunderstood, or present themes with no relevance to the unit material.
• Quality of written expression The best essays must exhibit a clear readable style, without grammatical or spelling errors.

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