Live presentation(Interpersonal communication)

Please note that this order contains personal info of the client (such as login info, university/course details etc.) or any other access that is needed to comply with client instructions. According to our Terms of Cooperation you are not allowed to use this info to contact with the client directly or to expose it to any 3rd party. To protect customer’s privace we have applied some rules toward such orders:

  • 5-minute reassign rule is NOT working, writer won’t be able to decline order after it was taken by him/her;
  • all orders where reassign will be requested manually (via messages) will be canceled right away and payment will be refunded. Writer will be added a 100% penalty since there is no way for us to check if login info was already compromised
  • Do you have a similar assignment/prompt? Let one of our professional writers take care of it. Place an order at Essaypanthers; pay only 50% of the order and send balance upon receiving your completed paper

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