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Assessment 2Close Reading: 1200 words Due: Friday 28 April by 5pmWeight: 30% of overall mark for the unitFor the second assignment you are required to write a close analysis of 1200 words.A close analysis entails a detailed examination of a short passage, often from a novel, that helps you to better understand the text as a whole. In this assignment, you are asked to choose a passage from a chapter in Pink or Two Boys Kissing (no more than two pages long), and analyse how it characterises and judges a particular kind of masculinity, femininity or sexual identity. Addressing the assessment criteria below, your analysis must draw on concepts discussed in this unit that are relevant to gender or sexuality and their embodiment, and comment on pertinent narrative strategies.To successfully complete this assignment:• Choose a passage that you think is important because of the way it positions the reader or viewer to understand and judge a particular expression or embodiment of a gender or sexual identity. Because your analysis must show independent thinking, you should avoid selecting a passage or scene discussed in detail in class.• Explain how the passage fits into the story as whole (be brief) and the focus of your analysis in your introduction. Include the page numbers of the passage in your first reference. There is no need to include the passage in your assignment submission.• Use two or more of the concepts discussed in class (for instance, the Gaze, hegemonic masculinity, heteronormativity, feminism/post-feminism) to interpret and critique the way in which the chosen type of masculinity, femininity or sexuality is represented in the passage or scene.• Quote and explain evidence from the set text, unit readings and wider research (no less than two academic sources) to support your interpretation.• Explain how the narrative strategies communicate the particular judgments about gendered or sexual identity in your chosen scene or passage.• Clearly reference all your primary and secondary sources, including your edition of Pink or Two Boys Kissing.Please note:• You cannot write on the text you choose for this assignment in Assignment 3.• Ensure the secondary resources you choose are appropriate to literary studies. Research articles from the sciences, education and social sciences are unlikely to be appropriate.Marking CriteriaThe aims of this unit and its learning objectives inform the criteria by which your work will be assessed (see the section below). These aims and objectives are correlated with a range of the Deakin graduate attributes also listed in the section of this unit guideIn addition, your markers will reward those essays which demonstrate:• Evidence of independent judgment in the selection of the scene or passage and of theoretical and research resources• Evidence of the capacity to summarise research and apply it to a literary text• Evidence of the capacity to evaluate the ideological and cultural assumptions, positive and/or negative, informing the textual construction of gender or sexual identity• Evidence of well-developed writing skills in English appropriate to third year literary studies (including clarity of expression, proper use of grammar and punctuation, well-crafted structure and paragraphs, appropriate language for academic writing).General unit aims This unit is designed to:• Encourage students to read a range of literature for children• Develop advanced skills in research, critical thinking and text analysis• Engage students with complex issues and ideas appropriate to Third Year undergraduate study in the area of children’s literature• Equip students to critically engage with the politics and ideologies present in children’s texts• Improve students’ written expression, construction of arguments and use of research• Expose students to a range of philosophical and theoretical concepts pertinent to the study of the relationship between texts for young people and the body, gender and sexualities. General learning objectivesOn completion of the unit students should be able to demonstrate that they: Have read and researched widely, with the capacity to target research in one or more areas of theory and analysis under consideration in the unitUnderstand the primary texts as part of wider creative, historical and political contextsAre able to present arguments and ideas clearly and effectivelyEmploy evidence from the core texts and from further readingAre capable of critical engagement with ideas contained in a range of peer-reviewed, scholarly sourcesWrite effectively to a range of different assessment criteria and use appropriate citation systems.

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