Landscape place and identity in the writing of native American Women

Focuses the concept of place on landscape.
Establishes landscape as a cultural and ethnic place for Indians.
Foregrounds the writing of Native American Women as an chance to explore the connection between identity and landscape.
Introduces students to concepts of Native American Literature and identity, and thereby the study of Ethnic Literature.
Explores Native concepts of landscape and cosmology.

*****Write a 2 page Response Paper (600 word) on ONE of the following (indicate your choice in your header):******
1. Discuss the connection between identity and place in at least two of the readings. You may choose to discuss several different kinds of “places,” but you will certainly want to discuss landscape. For your discussion you may choose from the works of Linda Hogan, Leslie Silko, or Zitakala –Sa.OR2. Discuss how the Oral Tradition functions in at least two of the following: Leslie Silko’s “Yellow Woman,” “The Trial Path” and/or Joy Harjo’s “Naming” and “She Had Some Horses.”

Please pick one of them.

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