IBM CASE STUDY: Leading and managing change

Read the case study on the Changes that have taken place at IBM and prepare a report (with references) to the company planned and implemented the change.
1. Draw up a cultural web diagram for the organisation before and after Gestner took over and implemented change and describe the main differences and implications for change.
OR ( ii) Draw a change Kaleidoscope for the organisation at the point at which Gestner took over. Using this model (Balogun and Hope-Hailey), discuss the change options available for change.
2. What theories are you aware of that would explain the steps Gestner might have taken to help to overcome resistance to change?
This assignment tests the following outcomes for the module:
– understand the strategic and operational importance of change in organizations
– Critically evaluate the change management theory, strategies and tactical options
– Critically assess the key areas of organizations and individual resistance to change
– Understand change within context of organisational leadership and business strategy

Note: This report should include: Summary, Introduction, conclusion and references

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