Global perspectives on children participation

Critically evaluate policies and practices from majority and minority world contexts to identify effective strategies for facilitating children and young people’s participation.

Make sure in the essay that you:
o Define what forms of participation you are referring to
o Evaluate how these definitions have been shaped by processes of globalisation
o Explore how the spaces where children exercise influence are shaped by local, national or global history, culture, economics and politics.

**IMPORTANT: Ensure that you show and meet the following learning outcomes in writing:
1. Critically evaluate the extent to which children’s lives and understandings of participation are shaped by processes of globalisation.
3. Explore the diverse influences of history, culture, economics and politics in shaping the spaces in which children exercise influence, within and outside of services.
4. Critically assess the degree to which policy and practice relating to children and young people’s participation is shared or colonised.

*My understanding of the assignment: Find both majority and minority world context examples of children’s participation (either political or practical examples) and use these examples to identify the forms of participation (space, voice, audience, influence, resources, relationships, material, etc.), then explore how these forms of participation are shaped by globalisation, also explore how participation “spaces”(Lundy) used by children are shaped by external/macro influences(economical, social, historical, local, national, cultural, etc).

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