Gentrification and Mental Health:Health Effects of Gentrification

What is Gentrification? What does it mean? What does it look like?
• Definition of the word gentrification and history of the term
• Why does it occur? Where does it occur? What does gentrification look like?

What are the underlying policies that allow certain to undergo gentrification?
• The previous characteristics of the neighborhoods and or cities in which gentrification occurs. Examples to possibly include: Harlem and Crown Heights
• Structural and institutional racism, redlining and blockbusting, urban renewal and revitalizations contribute to the disinvestment of these areas
• Concentration of poverty, adverse health outcomes, joblessness, etc.

Perceived Advantages/Disadvantages of Gentrification

How does housing effect Mental Health?
• What is mental health?
• WHO Definition of mental health
• What are the social determinants of mental health?
• What is housing and health equity?
• How does the definition of health, health equity, and social determinants of health relate to gentrification?

Policy Recommendations
What can be done to reduce gentrification which has a direct affect on mental health.

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