Economics: Policy frameworks and Markets

Purpose: To develop your familiarity with the language and tools of economic analysis and reasoning by critically analysing a contemporary issue.
Learning outcomes assessed:

demonstrate an understanding of the basic methodology of economic analysis
analyse the role and the impact of government intervention on that system
demonstrate an understanding of the macro economy
assess the impact of different market structures on consumers and business
How to submit: Turnitin 5 pm Friday of Week 10
Return of assignment: Within 2 weeks
Assessment criteria: See rubric attached to end of unit outline

Students will for analyse the economic conditions facing first time investors entering the stock market by applying the economic theories and concepts introduced in the Unit. The objective of the Individual Essay is to illustrate the application of economic concepts and theories to a real-world issue. Thus you will be required to review economic concepts that apply to your task, such as:

demographic changes
economic growth rates
inflation/deflation expectations
monetary and fiscal policy

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