Case study analysis- peregrine Adventure

In short report format, discuss the fit between the strategy of Peregrine Adventures and its global
industry context. Use all the frameworks explored in weeks 1 – 4 (such as PESTLEDI, Porters five
forces, resource based view and generic strategies) to analyse and evaluate the current strategy
and the business context (external environment and the industry competitiveness), and form an
opinion regarding the outlook for the company in the next five years. As the word count for this
assessment is quite tight, presume the reader already has some knowledge of the organisation.
This assignment has a word limit of 1,000 words, appendices and reference list are excluded from
the word count. It is required to be submitted through MYWAI by 5.00pm, 28th March 2017.
Please ensure your name, student number and tutorial group is listed in either the header or footer
of each page. No hard copy is required. You will only be able to submit to TurnitIn once.
Short report format for this assessment:
? Cover page – not included in word count
? Table of contents – not included in word count
? Introduction
? Body (with subheadings)
? Future outlook
? Conclusion
? Reference List – not included in word count
? Appendices (with subheadings)

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