Business valuation and Financial Analysis

1. Reformatted Financial Statements and Financial Analysis (10 marks)

Reformat at least the last 5 years of your company’s financial statements. Use ratio analysis and cash flow analysis to evaluate the current and past performance of the business and assess its sustainability.
• Reformat at least 5 years
• Prepare 4 years of ratios
• Prepare risk ratios for cash flow analysis
• WRITE UP – what happened AND WHY the ratios/ cash flow changed

Now for the Part 1 of Individual Assignment I request the writer to use the lecture slides 4 and 5 which I have attached below and all the information is available now in these two lecture slides for this part. Moreover I have attached two sample documents provided by Professor on Qantas Airlines. These documents are:
1. Reformatted Financial Statements(Excel file)
2. Financial Analysis

Please make sure you adhere to these samples and lecture slides Week 4 and Week 5 and do the assignment on Domino’s Pizza accordingly. Referencing and citation should be UTS harward referencing style.

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