Analyze”real life” Negotiation

Module Assessment

A written essay (2,500 words) to be submitted to the School Office (100% of the final mark).

The essay is designed to give you the opportunity to learn as much as you can by
analyzing “real life” negotiations that take place outside of our classroom, so as to better
understand your own approach to negotiations and to develop a personal agenda for
on-going improvement as a negotiator. To accomplish this, you can take one of two

(1) One of the main features of this course is the development of self-insight about your
abilities as a negotiator. You can further enrich your learning through analysis and
reflection on your past or on-going negotiating experiences, how other people perceive
you, and your own approach to negotiations. You should provide a detailed assessment
of your skills based on your “real life” experiences in comparison to your experiences
with the simulations in class. In thinking about your negotiations, you’ll want to evaluate
your skills (strengths as well as weaknesses) as a negotiator. You also may want to get a
systematic sense of the perceptions that others have of you, by interviewing people with
whom you have negotiated. The ultimate point is to get analyse your main strengths
and weaknesses as a negotiator using concepts from the module, and to develop your own personal agenda for improvement as a negotiator beyond the boundaries of this course.

(2) Complex real-world negotiations are all around us. We read about them in the press
every day. If you take the second approach, you should carefully analyze such a complex
real-world negotiation, using the concepts you have learned in this class. Be sure to
ultimately conclude with the lessons YOU have learned from your analysis, about the
mistakes and/or successes of the people involved, and how you will incorporate these
lessons into your own future negotiations. Again, through this analysis and by making
comparisons to your own approach to negotiating, the ultimate point is to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the parties involved using concepts from the module and to make recommendations for how each party could have done better.

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