Work flow Diagram/ Chart Assignment

Create a Workflow Diagram using the basic flowchart symbols of a physician writing a prescription – from the time it is identified that a patient needs to be taking a prescription medicine to the time the patient picks up the medicine from the drug store. You should have experienced such an activity in your own physician’s office. This will be titled Paper Prescription – Before Redesign (35 points)
Evaluate the diagram and consider any gaps that could be addressed and improved with e-prescribing. List these gaps or opportunities for improvement. Review the Ambulatory Care EHR Applications material if you are not familiar with the e-prescribing process. (10 points)
Create a second Workflow Diagram using the basic flowchart symbols for the e-prescribing process. This will be titled e-Prescription – After Redesign. (35 points)

Note: you can use any application to build your diagrams, but recommend using Microsoft Word or Visio. Copy the diagrams and include both of them in the same document for assignment submission. The basic symbols you should use for this assignment are reviewed in the workflow PowerPoint when discussing Basic Systems Flowcharts. Please note that you should use the basic symbols appropriately to begin and end the diagram and to complete the steps and decisions throughout the diagram. Remember that a decision should have at least 2 branches. (pleae use more so i get full points and it looks more advanced then a beginners flow chart) If you do not use the symbols appropriately you will receive significant deductions.

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