Walmart case study Assignment

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Write A case study about Walmart and please follow strictly the instructions bellow. and I will upload A case study that you will take information from. please do not use advanced vocabulary.

Written Case Analysis Format
1. Executive Summary: This section should be no longer than a single page. It should contain all relevant information and recommendations for a senior executive (such as a VP or CEO).
Typically, senior executives do not have much time to read an entire report. It is important that a senior executive is able to get the important recommendations by reading this section!
2. Introduction/Background: This section should introduce the company, and any relevant history that will be necessary for a proper understanding of the issues and recommendations to be made. This section should culminate in identification and discussion of the Major Issue facing the company. That is, consider the essence of the case; the underlying issue to which all other issues or problems is related. Be concise here!
3. Related Issues: These may be ‘minor problems’ or related ‘conditions’ that are affecting the company’s current performance or situation. Be sure to prioritize the related issues. Discuss how these issues relate to the major issue, and/or are inter-related with each other.
4. Analysis & Recommendations – (Hint: Focus on this section)
a. Analysis relates to any of the major/minor issues identified, and can be qualitative and/or quantitative (many cases will have a combination of the two). Make sure your analysis and recommendations include:
i. Discussion of inter-related issues
ii. Identification of tradeoffs to be considered when evaluating recommendations iii. Criteria for accepting/rejecting any given alternatives
iv. Use “tools” that you have learned in SCM371/372/373. A simple SWOT or pros/cons analysis is not enough to earn a top grade.
b. Recommendations should include a discussion of rejected alternatives (these must be plausible) and identification of how they failed to meet your criteria for acceptance, as well as a discussion of the recommended solution(s), with support for how it/they will solve the company’s problems.
5. Programmed Implementation of Recommendations and Projected Ramifications:
This step requires a time-sequence application of recommended programs and plans for achieving the recommended solution. It also requires a forecasting of ramifications, and the identification of negative effects of plans.
A few rules:
• Maximum page limit: 5 pages (NOT including appendices of tables/figures).
• Make sure all figures, tables or appendices are well labeled, and discussed in the text.
• Type your written assignment using double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and 1- inch margins on all sides.

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