Sussex Deng Perspective, Methods and skills for PM Assignment

The essay is based on the presentation. In the presentation, soft system thinking and hard system thinking are being discussed. In the introduction, soft system thinking and hard system thinking can be discussed in different approach and concluding with a new idea (synthesis both of them to give a better thinking way). The problem description is being discussed and hard system thinking seems not to be too good but soft system thinking can made the projects run better. The research questions and objective are addressed in the presentation (see presentation and you will understand what is going on). Case study and method, the method that has to be used in the essay is mind map, critically analyzing some case study and answer the research question in the conclusion. Accomplish the objective and put them in the research finding and discuss them for interpretation purpose. The overall essay is a report, they want us to use literature review and case study to justify our hypothesis from the presentation and applied them to a report to analyze case study and achieve discussion on them.

The requirement of the report was in the document which was in the attachment? please read the materials in the seminar and week1 and week2 and use them as the reference in the report. Most importantly, please use the structure according to the assignment and handbook. In addition, the presentation of ppt was in the document as well, you should link to our presentation. Perspectives, Methods and Skills for Project Management The assessment of the Perspectives, Methods and Skills for Project Management module has two distinctive parts. The first part is a group presentation (40%) that is given in week 8. The second part is an individual 2000 word report (60%) based on the group presentation which is submitted to Sussex Direct in week 14 (date to be confirmed). Furthermore, the project management seminars aim to support both parts of the assignment. Student Assessment Notes 1. Students will form project groups that contain 3 to 6 students. 2. Social technologies are explored such as Google docs or Dropbox. One of these technologies is selected by the project team for managing documents and communication between members. 3. A project manager is chosen within each group to ensure the presentation is given in week 8. 4. Every student is expected to have a reflective diary in order to write their ideas, critical thoughts and lessons learnt. Assessment Part 1 – Group Presentation (40%) The student groups will identify a problem associated with the project management discipline. A primary research question is developed and informed through an initial literature review. A minimum of 3 references (at least one book and one paper) must be used to substantiate the research question. The student groups are expected to identify a project (past, present or future) of interest which is viewed as a case study. The appropriate method or technique for data collection is justified. Furthermore, the selected method or technique used for collecting data may have been taught in a different project management module. The student groups are expected to plan the case study, and identify the resources required in order to successfully undertake the research. The presentations will have the following structure: • Title • Research Background • Problem Description • Research Question and Objective • Case Study – Unit of Analysis – Method of Analysis • Timescale • Resources • Individual Critical Thoughts • References Other information • The presentations will last 20 minutes, and every member of the team is expected to be involved in the presentation. Presentation time maybe reduced if there are more than six groups in the seminars. • Maximum number of slides 15 ( ±2), and please use the arial font. Marking criteria Criteria Marks Available 1 Problem Formulation and Development Original and valid choice of research topic; forming and developing the problem statement; clear scope of the research, with concise research question and objectives. 20 2 Case Study and Methods Understanding of case study, supporting rationale for selected method. 10 3 Literature Review (or research background) Understanding of current knowledge; highlight areas that need further research. 15 4 Timescale and Resources Highlight times scale of the project and resources required. 10 5 Presentation Formatting of slides, organisation of slides, competency in presenting, and individual critical thoughts. 20 6 Assessment of each other Students will assess each other’s performance in terms of attendance of meetings, contribution to presentation materials, identifying literature, and team participation. 20 7 Reflective diary 5 Assessment Part 2 – Individual Report (60%) The student will produce a report which is guided by the group presentations. The primary research question is further substantiated with a minimum of 5 references (at least one book and two papers). The identified method or techniques for data collection is applied. The findings from the case study will be interpreted, and can be compared and contrasted with best project management practices. Alternatively, the case study findings can be evaluated internally through organisational reports, and/or externally via journal articles or books. The findings from the case study will assist in answering the primary research question and inform conclusions. Finally, lessons learnt from the case study and utilised method and/or technique are discussed which supports future project research. The individual report will have the following structure: Title 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Problem Description 1.2 Research Question and Objective 2.0 Literature Review 3.0 Case Study and Methods 4.0 Research Findings, Interpretation and Evaluation 5.0 Conclusion and Future Research 6.0 Bibliography Appendix A – Supporting Materials Other information • Word count is 2000 ( ±10%). • Submission date to be conformed. Assignment Style Guide The submitted assignment should be in times new roman font and 12 points font size, with lines spacing at 1½. Report headings are times new roman 12pts bold. Moreover, tables and figures should be labelled at times new roman and 10 points font size and bold. [[Extend revision timeframe to 14 days as per terms and conditions Please send draft for this order within 48 hours Follow instructions and no extension for deadline

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