Overcoming Adversity Assignment

Choose a book or film to review, in which an individual overcomes adversity, hardship or obstacles in their lives.

Please supply a permission note from your parent if you have chosen a film rated M. Do not choose a film that is rated MA or R.

Complete the following:

• Design a character web of the individual using the example from the workbook as a guide.
o Personality Traits
o Adversities/obstacles they over came
o Successfully strategies
o Ways in which the character grew

• Write a letter to a friend or relative as if you are the individual that (from the film or book) has overcome the adversity. In the letter:

o Outline the hardships and challenges “you” faced.
o Describe the coping strategies “you” used to cope
o Evaluate the success of the strategies
o Identify how “you” have grown by going through the tough time.

• Describe what you learnt from the book/film that could help you change as a person.

• Review this book/film for the school library in 150 words or less, giving it a rating and explaining its main message. Make sure to include the strengthens and weakness of the narrative in relation to overcoming adversity. To do this reflect on the:

o Plot
o Characterization
o Narrative Arch

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