Measuring the latest trends how to promote wellness resort in the UK Assignment

Why is this topic important/interesting?
This topic is particularly interesting because it talks about not only a new trend on the industry which is very intriguing but it also gives a great option for domestic travellers and by doing so it generates money for their own economy other than elsewhere.

What are the research issues in which you are interested?

Demanding of this new trend.
The return of Spa glories days.
Product development/ managing a wellness resort.

Main Academic Sources (e.g. books and/or journal articles, at least 4)

Edited by Joseph S. (2012). Advances in hospitality and leisure. Vol. 8 [electronic resource] / edited by Joseph S. Chen. USA: Chen E-Book. Vol.8.

Melanie Smith and Laszlo Puczko (2009). Health and Wellness Tourism. Amsterdam, Boston: Butterworth-Heinemann. 285-291.

Johanson, Misty M. (2004) “Health, Wellness Focus within Resort Hotels,” Hospitality Review: Vol. 22: Iss. 1, Article 3.

The economics of health and wellness [electronic resource] : anthropological perspectives / edited by Donald C. Wood. / edited by Donald C. Wood E-Book | Emerald | 2007.

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