Ecosystems and change Assignment

You will be conducting a field study to investigate how two local sites (at least 20 km apart)
differ ecologically. Each site must be significantly different ecologically (e.g. beach,
mountains, local park, wetlands etc,).
Your field report must include:
1. Introduction – Location:
a) Name of each location
b) Description of each site including any unique attributes or features
c) Individual map of each site, showing direction of North (using Google Maps
or Sixmaps)
d) The total land area for each site
e) Map showing both sites location in relation to each other
2. Method – How you are going to collect your data including any equipment used.
3. Observations and data on at least five abiotic factors from each site including:
a) Temperature (for time of site visit)
b) Light intensity (for time of site visit)
c) Wind exposure (quantitative or qualitative)
d) Average monthly precipitation for each location (data must cover 12 months)
e) Soil moisture level (qualitative)
4. Observations and data on biotic factors from each site including:
a) List of plants found at each location including estimate of percentage cover
for each plant
b) List of animals found at each location
c) Observations of any interactions between organisms
5. Research into one organism found at one of the sites to describe:
a) How it lives (i.e. where/when does it sleep, eat, mate etc.)
b) Its relationships with other organisms
c) How it senses and responds to change in its environment using body
d) An estimate of the population of the organism in the area?
e) A food chain showing were your chosen organism fits into the food chain
6. Analysis of the data and observations from both sites to describe and explain how
and why the biotic and abiotic factors differ.
7. Ways you could have improved the quality of your data?

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