A balanced diet reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases Assignment

Purpose: To evaluate and to persuade the reader of the validity of your point of view. This is an important skill since much academic (and workplace) writing involves assessment and trying to convince the reader that our assessment has merit. For example, in a hospital setting, a nurse may report on the patient’s condition and recommend a course of action based on his/her knowledge of the case.
Procedure: Select a topic about which you are knowledgeable or very familiar (from experience). The topic may range from a film to a workplace or even a political situation. Just be sure that whatever you choose, you have a definite opinion about it since the main point is to convince the readers of the validity of your judgment. Therefore, being ambivalent will lead to confusion. Select a topic about which you already know something because your knowledge will help establish credibility for your position.
Determine clear criteria
For pre-writing, use the following procedure:
To brainstorm your topic, list the good and bad qualities
Then, write your judgment
Finally, list the reasons you might give to persuade readers of the validity of your judgment
Put an asterisk * by your best reasons
Think of specific details and examples to support your best reasons
Be clear about your criteria for the evaluation and why they are important
Assessment: A clear, consistent focus (thesis) that captures the point of view, asserts an overall judgment
Clear criteria on which you base your evaluation & justification for criteria
Clear reasons for your judgment
Specific supporting evidence (examples, specific details) and explanation of its relevance to the overall judgment. {Remember, do not try to tell everything about your topic. Be selective.}
Specific, concrete language that helps convince us of your point of view (Use modifiers, analogies, specific verbs to capture the essence of your subject.)
Counterargument or acknowledgement of “opposition”
Enough (but not too much!) background information
Transitions for smooth, coherent progression & standard grammar and mechanics
APA or MLA formatting is correct
Page requirements were met

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