Resource collation and report Assignment

Assignment 1: Short answer questions

Ensure you answer every part of every question using a paragraph format.

At the end of your assignment include a full reference list in APA format citing all the references you have used in your answers. Please number each question clearly and submit your answers for all the assignment questions and the reference list in just one document.

Paragraph format

Each paragraph should have 5-7 sentences that explain or discuss one topic. Use the first sentence to introduce the topic. The following supporting sentences should contain enough detail for the reader to know what you are discussing. A final concluding sentence sums up what you have discussed. Use your own words to explain a concept or idea but always acknowledge the sources you have drawn on to inform and support these concepts/ideas using accurate APA referencing.

Question : Resource collation and report (600 words)

Make a list of six Māori resources that can support your developing ability to implement bicultural practices in early childhood education settings.

Support your choice of resources with reference to the set texts and course readings using accurate APA referencing. Resources may include language perfect, books, te reo Māori language games, waiata and/or other resources you have gathered in this course. Write a brief report outlining how you will use each resource to support your bicultural teaching practice.

In your report, ensure that you:

  1. Are specific about how and why you will use each resource to support your bicultural teaching practice
  2. Include reference to Māori concepts of teaching and learning such as ako, tuakana/teina, whanaungatanga
  3. Draw on and make reference to Te Whāriki
  4. Support your discussion with relevant references to the set texts and course readings.
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