Correlation between depression and Parkinson’s

APA Hard Copy – Double Spaced – 12 pt font
Cover Page – Project title, course name, student name, date (2)

Background – 1 page – an opening statement about the main study question, state a research question or hypothesis, provide a short literature review – at least 5 citations that help explain how your proposed project is related to previous studies and what will make your approach new and important (20)

Objectives – ½ – 1 page – one main statement of purpose plus 3-4 specific aims – can be listed in bullet-point format (10)

Research Methods – 3 – 4 pages, provide details about the proposed source population, sampling strategy, recruiting strategy, ethical considerations (IRB/ informed consent), data collection methods such as use of questionnaires, interviews, observations, etc. and data analysis methods (qualitative and/or quantitative), include timeline and proposed budget (50)

Discussion & Conclusions – 1 page, how will you answer your research question or hypothesis (10)

References – last page – 5 references minimum (make sure they are relevant) (8)


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