Business Intelligence Implementation Assignment

  •   Weight: 30%
  •   Length: 1000-1500 words
  •   Type: Individual
  •   Submission: Online via UTSOnline (Go to Assessment module, Assessment Task 3 folder, use

    Turnitin link)

  •   Late submission: 10% per day for a maximum delay of 3 working days

 Due: 11 am, 4 May 2017


Choose one of the industries (retail, health, education, etc.) and explore and describe four key capabilities of BI solutions as shown in the figure below that are supported through BI tools in various organisations in the particular industry.

Four Synergistic BI Capabilities (Source: Sabhewal & Becerra-Fernandez 2011).

You are able to refer to either one or more organisations in the selected industry. It is not necessary to use the same organisation for describing all four capabilities. You are also welcomed to suggest possible BI solutions for a particular organisation, as long as you adhere to the word limits in this assignment.


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