6LO500 Improving Business Performance

Please follow the assessment guidelines file that I’m going to upload in order to fully complete the work
– the chosen organisation will be lidl
– please make sure that there is 0% similarities and 0% plagiarism
– please incorporate some of the class work for higher marks
– also please use good critical analysis through out for support on this i will also add another file, thank you

HELLO, IN ORDER FOR THE WORK TO REACH THE HIGHEST MARKS, IT MUST FOLLOW THESE STANDARDS: KNOWLEDGE – The work is exceptional in that it is logically presented and error-free. It is creative and illustrates a thoroughly in-depth understanding of content as well as issues and problems. There is evidence of extensive reading and synthesis of primary research literature. CRITICALITY – The work shows an exceptional, critical engagement with complex ideas and concepts. There is an outstanding appreciation of all of the relevant competing perspectives. APPLICATION – The work reflects an aptitude for applying knowledge in unusual and/or novel circumstances as well as to more typical work-based scenarios. Where appropriate, workable solutions to problems are offered. EVALUATION – The work shows an exceptional level of evaluation and illustrates incisive conclusions based on that evaluation. COMMUNICATION – The work is communicated with an exceptional degree of authority that comes close to that expected of a professional in the discipline.

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