Question about the Rome II Regulation and the lex Loci damni rule

Answer the following questions in an essay:

What are the virtues of the lex loci damni rule laid down in Article 4(1) of the Rome II Regulation (Regulation (EC) No 864/2007)?

In which circumstances will Article 4(3) Rome II allow for the displacement of the lex loci damni rule?

Had the common law already provided a satisfactory choice-of-law doctrine for tort cases – or is the new test laid down in Article 4 Rome II to be preferred?

A* Citations provided from the module coordinator are mandatory (open the instruction file to see them)

B*Writing Instructions:
– The Max word limit is 3,200 words include of footnotes and endnotes, +/- 5%. DO NOT GO MORE (submitted in excess of this maximum 3,200 word-count, your assignment will have a grade deduction)

– Assignments should be presented in size 12, Times Roman and the text should be double-spaced.

– Focus on answering the question
C*Sources and referencing instructions:
– You should use the provided sources and citations from the module coordinator. Feel free to use other relevant sources. I will also upload some sources if they are relevant use them.

– You should include a Bibliography

– All sources should be academic and relevant legal materials

– All sources should be with page number and authors, all other details

– Use a mix of primary and secondary sources

– You should mention case-laws that related to topic

– Do not use online articles or NON-Academic sources

– Use OSCOLA Ireland style ( I will upload oscola appendix)

– All new information should be referenced, do not leave a paragraph without citing or referencing what you said.

– Do Not cite a whole paragraph with only one footnote, each sentences should be citied with a particular page numbers from the source you used.

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