Dental case study for patient with DOWN syndrome

Please refer to the attached writing instruction for details. Please ensure to cover all the problems listed in the oral assessment in your treatment plan, including further examination (e.g. X-ray). The plan should include both restorative and oral hygienic treatment (scaling and polishing and pocket debridement), plus prevention. Thank you very much!TASK DESCRIPTION

  1. Develop and discuss an oral health care plan for this patient including the recall regime that you would implement. Your plan will necessarily consider the risk status of the patient and will discuss a range of possible treatment options, depending on further information and examination findings from a Dental Restorative and Periodontal perspective.


  1. Explain your reasoning for each decision. Take care to indicate a complete homecare program you would design as well as the steps you would take to evaluate the effectiveness of this program to improve Sandra`s oral health.



  1. Identify the characteristics of this patient which are typical of the patient with Down Syndrome, and indicate how you have considered these and other relevant characteristics in your oral health care plan

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