Transmittal Message and Short Business Report

Short Problem-Solving Report:
You will complete #1 on page 435 or #6 on page 436 in your textbook.

• Your report should be 3-5 pages in length (including your transmittal/summary message).

• This document should be written in memo format since it is an internal report. It will be written to your boss. Make up a name for him or her. Memo format example is on page 401.

• Direct order is most appropriate for this report.

• Make sure you pay attention to both your primary audience, your boss; and your secondary audience, those your boss may send the report to for additional review.

• The report should be single spaced. There should be two spaces before headings, one space after, and one space between paragraphs. If your spacing is incorrect, resulting in an insufficient number of pages when properly spaced, you will receive a deduction in points. You will also receive a deduction in points for improper spacing.

• Your report must contain support from at least three sources. These should be three verifiable sources, meaning another person should be able to locate and confirm the information if necessary.

• Information from your sources must be documented in the text. Citing sources is a method of building your credibility and authority on a topic. You may review the handouts for guidance on methods for citing sources in text. You may use APA or MLA format, but all guidance I have provided will be APA style.

• You must incorporate a graphic such as a table, graph, or chart. Your graphic (s) should be relevant and helpful to the reader. Chapter 14 of your textbook includes tips on using visuals. Do not overuse graphics or use large graphics to take up space needed for critical explanatory content.

• You may use informal (personal) writing style. Pronouns are appropriate, but avoid overly casual language.

• Have a plan of organization. Use proper division of topics and subtopics. Incorporate informative, helpful headings, and use transitions.

The most important aspect of a report is usability. The information must be well organized, clear, 100% accurate, and verifiable. This report MUST be in your own words.

Transmittal Message: Your first page will be a transmittal message combined with an executive summary. It should be written in memo format and will count as one of your 3-5 pages. This should be a separate page from your report. Examples of transmittals/executive summaries can be found on pages 387 and 417. The example on 387 is a very good example of what I’m looking for. A discussion of the characteristics of the transmittal and executive summary are on pages 377 and 378. Your transmittal can be from ½ page to one page; however, it should be well organized and consist of more than one paragraph. The point of a transmittal message is to hand your report over to your reader and identify the important contents for busy readers who may not want to read the actual report immediately. As a tip…you might benefit by writing the transmittal/executive summary after you have completed the report.

References Page (Works Cited Page)

You will be required to submit a references page. You should have a minimum of 3 sources on your references page. This page will be part of your overall report grade and should be done in either MLA or APA format. Although you may use personal communication in your report such as phone calls, interviews, emails, etc.; these will not count toward your 3 required sources. The works cited page does not count as one of your required report pages. If you use personal communication, you must still reference this in-text.

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