The Secret in Your Eyes Movie Review Assignment

Interpret using events, characters, themes, historical contexts, class notes and PwP presentations. You will be graded on your examples, so make sure to support any claims by showing you read and understand the assignments.
DO NOT EVEN OPEN THE INTERNET FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT: Put everything into your own words, using ONLY material assigned in class. Copying 5 words or more from any source will be considered plagiarism, receiving NO CREDIT FOR THE ENTIRE ASSIGNMENT.
SUBMIT using the “Assignment” tab on Blackboard. Late papers will be automatically rejected. DUE DATE R4/27. Do not submit documents in person or e-mail; only submissions verified by BlackBoard as “on time” will be graded. Answers will be processed by “Turnit In” to insure originality.
Before answering READ and TAKE NOTES on:
Thomas Skidmore/Peter Smith, “Argentina: Prosperity, Deadlock, Change” (Reader 170-92)
Carolina Rocha/Elizabeth Montes Garces, “Violence in Argentine Literature and Film” (BB)

DUE R4/27: All responses must include examples from The Secret in Your Eyes to be considered complete. You may, for example, analyze character developments, political contexts, set/costume designs, themes, compare to previous films, etc.

In the material provided in class and the reading on Argentina by Thomas Skidmore and Peter Smith, you received a concise historical background for the events in The Secret in Your Eyes. Describe the period preceding the “Dirty War.” Specifically, what role did Juan Peron, Isabel Peron, and the military play in Argentina’s descent into terror statehood? (2-3 paragraphs, 8-10 sentences each)

According to Carolina Rocha and Elizabeth Montes Garces in “Violence in Argentine Literature and Film,” structural inequalities in Argentinian society during the 1990s provided fertile ground for “New Argentine Cinema.” Explain its characteristics and development in terms of politics, economics, and culture. Cite examples from The Secret in Your Eyes to illustrate your claims. (2-3 paragraphs, 8-10 sentences each)
How does The Secret in Your Eyes highlight old and new types of violence particular to Argentinian culture? How did Carlos Menem’s implementation of neoliberal economic policies contribute to this shift? (2-3 paragraphs, 8-10 sentences each)
Explain how Argentina’s legacy of state repression, misogyny, authoritarianism and institutional decay undermine national mythology, particularly “exceptionalism” and “civility.” Illustrate with examples from The Secret in Your Eyes. (2-3 paragraphs, 8-10 sentences each)
What is fourthspace? How do the characters and events in The Secret in Your Eyes illustrate this concept? Can social and geographical spaces be “repurposed” to reflect globalization and the widening gap between social classes? Elaborate. (2-3 paragraphs, 8-10 sentences each)
What is magical realism? List 4-5 characteristics of this literary genre and meditate on its cinematic permutations, particularly The Secret in Your Eyes. Provide examples for each trait by describing scenes, characters, themes, misé en scene, props, costumes, lighting, symbols, plot structure, “tragicomic” humor, etc. (2-3 paragraphs, 8-10 sentences each)
Pick your favorite scenes and explain your preferences. Although “New Latin American Cinema” has historically taken pride in its “rough” low-budget production values, The Secret in Your Eyes exemplifies the “glossier” features produced within the last 5-6 years. This shift marks the worldwide appreciation of Latin American films, which are now more popular than ever before. In your opinion, have they lost their “gritty” charm or have they been “enhanced” by higher production values? (2-3 paragraphs, 8-10 sentences each) NO OUTSIDE SOURCES

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