Team role play task “Heart Failure” – radiographer or radiation therapist

Heart Failure is radiographer or radiation therapist.
Please read the attachement files carefully .
My presentation is for 1 minute, 120-150 words.
CSB431 – 2017 | I Pharmacist: Assessment Item No. 1 – Team role play task (30%)
Team presentation mark (85%) + anonymous team member peer assessment mark (15%)
You are a member of an interdisciplinary team which consists of a:-
? pharmacist (you)
? general practitioner
? registered nurse
? paramedic
? radiographer or radiation therapist
? dietician
? occupational therapist
*Each team will be assigned a patient case by Week 2 after team memberships are finalised.
Your team’s task is to:-
1. Justify your role and the skills you have as a pharmacist that make you integral to the interdisciplinary team and care of this patient. Use the 8 employability domains to help you do this. Hint: what if a pharmacist was not part of the team, what would be missing in your patient’s care?
2. Outline and explain the roles and skills of other non-pharmacist healthcare professionals in your healthcare team that are integral to the care of this patient. Hint: what if a specific healthcare professional were not part of the team, what would be missing in your patient’s care?
3. Explain how collaboration between you, the pharmacist, and each non-pharmacist healthcare professional, results in them doing their job more effectively? Hint: What if there was no collaboration between the other healthcare professionals and the pharmacist, how would this be detrimental to your patient’s care?
Duration: 8 mins – you will be asked to stop your presentation after 8 mins. Each member of the team must speak during the presentation.
? You may use visual aids such as a powerpoint presentation.
? Refer to the marking criteria sheet for guidance in preparing your presentation and remember to speak clearly – don’t mumble and don’t just read from the slides!
? Your oral presentation may be videotaped for internal administration purposes.


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