Special Collection acquisition plan (Policy and Procedure) Assignment

Hi, ?I’ve been asked to write about the above paper topic for a ( Special Collection Library). I really don’t know under which order type to place it, so I place it under coursework and in terms of field. It has to be for (Library Science), but as this subject is not available in here. I have chosen: English Literature. I hope that’s fine like that. ?so it’s a Development plan, which includes both policy and procedures for a library, which deals with Special Collection only. Rare and valuable materials (Everything until 1950) and not later than that. The type of materials are: Manuscripts, rare and old Arabic books, Foreign Languages books, Maps, Historical Photography, Archival Materials and documents. Globes, Travelers instruments and old cinema posters. ?what is needed is to write a development plan for the above, which includes the Acquisition policy and the other part of the coursework is to write a procedure for acquisition and what do I mean by procedures: How to get/buy the materials (acquisition) in libraries and that through: Auctions, Book Fairs, Private seller/ vendors. Every way above has it’s own nature and procedure to get such materials. That’s why the writer who will be working on my order needs to have a library background or understands well the role of Special libraries, as it differs from School or public library. Special libraries has its own nature. ??I will attach examples that will assist the writer for better understanding of what I’m requesting. I will add sites that has the same above subject and the writer can easily adapt that to my request. ??Please, note that it has to be in English/UK style and for Master degree with Merit and my deadline is on Saturday 15th April 2017. I really trust that I can get that done from your end and I hope that all the above helps. Please, Focus on the :?- attachment files uploaded. ?- The links I will upload. ?- Special Collection libraries such as: Qatar National Library and Bibliotheca Alexandria and The British Library or Library of Congress. Those are the well known ones, but I prefer if the writer focus on the first two, as requested by my instructor. ?- There is a standard (international) was with policy and procedures for Acquisitions (for special materials). ???Structure:?The development plan for SCA and the Bibliotheca Alexandria under the section (policies) in the website and Qatar National library website: under The Special Collections section, will give you better understanding. ??Additional instructions:?It has to be for Special Collections library, English/ UK style, for Master degree with Merit and for Library Science field. ???

Bibliotheca Alexandria- under Policies section and in Collection Development:

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