Pensions in the UK – Dissertation Assignment

This is my dissertation for my final year assessment I will send you my proposal and lit review for my first part of my dissertation with my sources and grades I got. Please use my sources from my lit review as part of your final assessment your doing for me. One of my papers has my formula that i want to use or if you can find another formula which is can use for my analysis and data in methodology then that will be fine. My proposal has a good formula to use with extra research by yourself of whats the best way to gather relevant data. I will also send a copy of a different topic just to highlight how the format should be laid out and the general way of the paper. I will also include my topic requirements and sidle shows of my paper so you can follow the layout and topic. Please follow the guide lines it says in my power point presentation on how to write the second part of my dissertation. Please follow this carefully with my proposal and litreview to make a master piece of my final part of me actually testing my theory. I will also include extra work that you will find useful of how to do it with all given strict requirements. any extra help needed please give me a text call or email. Please follow the requirements i will attach and to a excellent standard. Please look at my papers and as my topic is pensions as my main topic use this to come up with a excellent dissertation title for my second part of actually testing it. A good title as long as it follows one of my models with reliable data and sources used. Applied Economics: Empirical Research so please come up with a research method or follow my models and find relevant date set please and follow uploaded guidelines of what you are being told to do. Therefore using my proposal model may be the best with all relevant good data found. Also please can you use reliable references and sources for example google scholar is where i found all my papers a and articles on pensions and followed a trend that i could see. Please find more articles and journals with accredited authors and writers linking to each other with an excellent theory of my model or any model you believe will go well under my title pensions |(reforms in the UK, aging population, retirement age etc)

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