Meteorology – Weather Observing Systems Assignment

I am writing to inquire about ordering a research paper for a Meteorology class. This is a unique research paper in the sense that it requires the writer to analyze and graph meteorological data.

This is assignment will require the writer to login to the school website to analyze the data:

1. The website is:

2. Once on the website, under Experimental Sites, click on Marshall followed by LOGIN.

3. To login please use the following username and password:xxxx

Username: xxxx

Password: metropass

4. Once logged in, scroll down to other plots, and the data for the project can be acted through “Metro T1 Sensors” and “Metro T2 Sensors”.

5. Once logged in, data can be downloaded by clicking on the respective sensor on the left and selecting the date range. After this, click on “raw data” to email it to yourself. Data from multiple sensors can be included in the “data packet” by clicking on “metro:MARSHALL1” under Requested datasets and selecting however many sensors you want to be included. Following this, you can email it to yourself.

Some important notes:

Please use a separate software program to graph the data, the professor will not accept screenshots from the website. Please send me the files used for the graphing data in case the professor requests them later.

The introduction should give background research on the Pyranometer (the solar radiation instrument: I will provide the exact model name/number later) as well as anything else the rubric says should be in the intro.

I have attached a sample paper from the past, and the rubric for the assignment itself. Please make the paper ordered read similar to the sample paper. The graphs must be labeled exactly like they are in the sample paper (proper units, title, date etc.). Bottom line, if it reads similar to the sample paper with the same data graphs I’ll be sure to leave you excellent feedback.

I have attached slides from the class that reference data errors, please include information on these in the analysis if you deem they are affecting the data.

Lastly, in the PDF of the assignment rubric itself, I have made notes on the document critical to the assignment, please read through all of them as there is specific information that must be referenced.

Any questions, please give me a call and I would also kindly like a draft of the paper sent to me when it’s about half way done. Thank you very much!

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